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 BJJ FOR KIDS                   

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the perfect sport for kids to learn to defend yourself and to develop a strong mindset. During training you learn literally and metaphorically to fall and get yourself up again. In contrast to a lot of martial arts you learn techniques that you have to apply to a opponent that’s resisting. These are the same techniques you see in MMA and UFC. The fact that you can defend yourself in a physical situation creates a strong mentality. Training with all sorts of people teaches you to respect all. Because you need them to grow. Because we put a lot of emphasis on team spirit you will get to know everybody really quick.
BJJ gives you the tools to win fights without the need to physically hurt your opponent. We don’t learn punching and kicking techniques, which means training doest physically hurt you.

Aside from teaching BJJ, Karel is also a high-school teacher. He has a lot of experience in teaching childeren and he uses his pedagogical and didactic knowledge to create an environment wherein everybody has fun and gets to learn the sport.

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