Introduction to BJJ | The perfect class to start your BJJ journey. In the class we focus on the most basis positions and movements

Fundamental Training |  Class centred on learning the most important principles and techniques

Open Mat | Class in which you spar, drill techniques or ask your personal questions about things you want to improve

Takedowns for grappling & BJJ |  Hybrid class in which we learn wrestling and judo techniques to take the fight to the ground

No-Gi grappling | Class in which you learn how to use grappling without Gi(Kimono)

Private classes or Duo-private classes  |  This class is a great way to accelerate your BJJ-learning process. You can learn the fundamental techniques, or develop a more specific tailor-made program. Like improving your guard, your takedowns or the self-defence aspect. We will help you with whatever aspect of grappling you want to improve.


Membership for working adults

Membership for students                        

Membership for juveniles (-18y old) 

60 euro / a month membership

600 euro / a year membership

50 euro / a month membership

500 euro / a year membership

30 euro / a month membership


LOCATION     @ Wethouder Verheijhal, Polderweg 300, 1093 KP Amsterdam