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  WHY BJJ ?                                     

Why Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

During the 20th century Carlos and Helio Gracie invented a fighting style that put the lighter fighter in position to win against the bigger fighter. Royce Gracie proved during the first UFC that BJJ is an essential fighting style for MMA (mixed martial arts). Out of this fighting style grew the sport Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The essence of this sport is to dominate your opponent on the mat. A match isn't won by throw like wrestling or judo but by controlling your opponent on that mat and making him tap by submission hold.

Because the focus isn't on the throws, and we don't practice kicking or punching techniques, BJJ is a very safe sport to practice. Even Though you don't get punched, you will feel a lot of adrenaline during sparring because of your survival instinct. Therefore a sparring round, even when there is a big difference between you and your partner, will always be a safe situation. As long as nobody is too stubborn to tap. This safe character of the sport makes the threshold for competing in it low. There are classes for experience level, weight and age. To distinguish the levels you wear a belt. You start with a white belt, after which you can get a blue, purple, brown and blackbelt. To level up you don't have to do an exam because your level is assessed by your performance on the mat.

Skill and behaviour you learn or strengthen during Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu translate very well to daily life. Think of enlarging your persistence, thinking sharply in high stress situations, analysing your points of improvements and how to work on them systematically. And ofcourse your overall fitness will improve a lot. 

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